ESCHERICHIA COLI (a.k.a. Bacterium coli)

171 O Ags : > 100 K Ags (groups A, L and B) : 56 H Ags formula.
Mobile genetic elements :

Virulence factors gene expresssion :

=> colibacillosis

Cytolysin A (ClyA), a pore-forming toxin with hemolytic and cytolytic properties : it exported from the bacterial cells in outer-membrane vesicles constantly discharged from the surface of the cell during bacterial growth that can fuse with mammalian target cells and subsequently discharge their toxic cargo. Periplasmic ClyA is kept in monomeric form by a disulphide bond, whereas the relevant cysteine residues are reduced in the protein from the vesicles, which oligomerize to form the large complexes suggested to be the active form of pore assemblies. Since the redox status of periplasmic proteins depends on the activity of specific membrane-bound and periplasmic disulphide bond isomerases/oxidases, that ClyA can bypass this thiol-redox pathway suggests that bacteria can sort proteins when forming vesicles, excluding certain periplasmic proteins such as those catalyzing the formation of disulphide bonds.
=> osteomyelitis
=> acute cholecystitis
=> ecthyma gangrenosum
=> the colonic mucosa of patients with colorectal carcinoma (CRC) but not normal colonic mucosa is colonized by intracellular E. coli : bacterial concentrations of 103-105 CFU/mL were detected in biopsy specimens from both malignant and macroscopically normal tissue in 90% and 93% of patients with adenoma and carcinoma, respectively. E. coli and coli-like bacteria were shown to colonize the colonic mucosa in 82% of these patients. The gentamicin protection assay indicated that E. coli was partially intracellular in 87% of patients with adenoma and carcinoma and in none of the controlsref
=> colibacillosis gravidarum : severe infection with Escherichia coli during pregnancy.
Prevention : homologous hyperimmune serum.
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