Epidemiology : PTCLu represents the largest PTCL subtype in North Americaref. In the WHO classification PTCLu encompasses all of the PTCLs not classifiable as a specific disease entity in contrast to the rare, but "specified," subtypes. It is clear that this represents a heterogeneous group of diseases and although multiple morphologic subtypes have been recognized, evidence is lacking that these subtypes represent distinct clinicopathologic entities or have prognostic relevance
Symptoms & signs : most patients with PTCLu present with nodal involvement; however, a number of extranodal sites may also be involved (e.g., liver, bone marrow, gastrointestinal, skin)
Laboratory examinations :

Therapy : reduced intensity conditioning and allogeneic stem cell transplantation after salvage therapy integrating alemtuzumab for patients with relapsed PTCLref
Prognosis : the majority of series report a poor outcome with a 5-year overall survival of approximately 3035% using standard chemotherapyref1, ref2, ref3, ref4, ref5

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