SUBCUTANEOUS PANNICULITIS-LIKE T-CELL LYMPHOMA (SCPTCL) is an uncommon T-cell lymphoma localized to the subcutaneous tissueref1, ref2, ref3.

Epidemiology : the median age of patients is 43 years with a broad range (1-84 years). Females are affected more often than males
Aetiology : ?
Symptoms & signs : multiple, or less often solitary, erythematous to violaceous, deep-seated 0.5-12 cm waxing and waning nodules, resembling lipomas, or plaques are present on the legs>arms>trunk>face. Ulceration and extracutaneous disease are uncommon. SCPTCL produces a lobular panniculitis with little involvement of the reticular dermis and sparing of the papillary dermis. Fever, and hepatosplenomegaly
Laboratory examinations : pancytopenia

Differential diagnosis : Prognosis : there can be nodal dissemination but the poor prognosis is usually due to fulminant hemophagocytosisref1, ref2, ref3. Median survival is usually < 2 years, but occasional patients without hemophagocytosis have had an indolent course and some patients have had prolonged remissions after chemotherapyref1, ref2
Therapy : allogeneic HSCTref

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