AGGRESSIVE NK-CELL LEUKEMIA (ANKL) (previously called NK-cell leukemia/lymphoma, recently characterized as aggressive NK-cell leukemia to emphasize the predominance of the leukemic manifestations)
Epidemiology : occurs in young to middle age adults and rarely childrenref1, ref2, ref3, ref4, ref5. (Kwong YL, Chan ACL, Liang RHS. Natural killer cell lymphoma/leukemia: pathology and treatment. Hematol Oncol. 1007;15:71-79)
Aetiology : there is variable association with HHV-4 / EBVref1, ref2
Symptoms & signs : fever, hepatosplenomegaly and generalized lymphadenopathyref
Laboratory examinations : Prognosis : these are very aggressive tumors with median survival < 2 months

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