Biomaterials Laboratory

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Laboratory of Biomaterials & Advanced Ceramics - LABIOMAT


Biomaterials Laboratory (Labiomat) was grounded at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Materials Engineering Department in November, 2002. The researches developed concern biomaterials and implantable devices: calcium phosphate cement, hydroxyapatite, porous hydroxyapatite, biopolymers, scaffolds for engineering tissue, coatings, titanium and prosthesis for mandible replacement.

Actually, Dr. Luís A. dos Santos and Dr. Vânia C. de Sousa are the chiefs of Labiomat. The researchers that works associated to the LaBiomat are materials engineers, chemistries, physicians, veterinarians, biologists, dentists, undergraduate, MSc and PhD students.

Labiomat works at the development on new technologies for use as biomaterials and devices and the adaptation and adjustment of biomaterials technologies to the Brazilian reality, using Brazilian raw materials. Labiomat works too with advanced ceramics materials, for use in a wide range of applications: biomaterials, electronics sensors, varistors, semiconductor, composites, refractories, thermomechanical and so on.


Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500
Setor 4, Prédio 74, sala 118
91509-900 Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
+55 51 3308 9424
+55 51 3308 9423 (fax)