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Laboratório de Sinalização e Plasticidade Celular - UFRGS

what we do

Research topics

Cell Biology

- Drug resistance in tumor single cells and colonies
- Cell signaling pathways and cellular events: autophagy, senescence, cell death, migration

Molecular Biology

- Production and culture of fluorescence-tagged mammalian cells (lentivirus & CRISPR)


- In silico simulation of tumoral growth and colony expansion
- Automation of cell imaging, detection, counting and tracking


LabSinal in numbers


Published papers




Years in activity


Patents submitted


Guido Lenz

Principal Investigator

Karine Rech Begnini

Post Doc

Jephesson Alex Floriano dos Santos

PhD Candidate

Juliano Luiz Faccioni

PhD Candidate

Julieti Buss

PhD Candidate

Luiza Cherobini Pereira

PhD Candidate

Mariana dos Santos Oliveira

PhD Candidate

Maurício Tavares Tamborindeguy

PhD Candidate

Samlai Vedovatto

Phd Candidate

Daphne Tórgo

Master Student

Angelo Luiz Angonezi

Undergraduate Student

Fernanda Dittrich Pinto Oliveira

Undergraduate Student

Júlia Marcolin

Undergraduate Student

Letícia Cunha Pereira de Souza

Undergraduate Student

Paola Farias Lorenzatto

Undergraduate Student

Raiana Gaiardo Girardi

Undergraduate Student


Luana Suéling Lenz

PhD 2017-2021 Current: Pos Doc UFSM

Rafael Paschoal de Campos

MsC. 2018-2020 Current: PhD Candidate German Cancer Research Center

Marcos Paulo Thomé

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2010-2019 Current: Perito Criminal Oficial - IGP RS

Giovana Ravizzoni Onzi

PhD 2014-2018 Current: Medical Science Liaison - Oncology - AstraZeneca

Franciele Cristina Kipper

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2011-2017 Current: Pos-Doc Harvard

Mariana Brutschin Pereira

Undergraduate / MsC. 2014-2017 Current: Ifood

Alexandra Vigna

MsC. 2015-2017 Current:

Michelle O. Hütten

Undergraduate / MsC. 2012-2017 Current: PhD Candidate UFRGS

Emilly S. Villodre

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2007-2017 Current: Pos-Doc MD Anderson Cancer Center (University of Texas, USA)

Andrew Oliveira Silva

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2009-2016 Current: Pos-Doc UFSCPA

Karina Bettega Felipe

Post Doc 2014-2016 Current: Professor UFPR

Mardja Bueno

Undergraduate / MsC. 2012-2016 Current: PhD Candidate McGill University (CA)

Pitia F. Ledur

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2009-2015 Current:

Darlan Conterno Minussi

Undergraduate / MsC. 2011-2015 Current: PhD Candidate MD Anderson Cancer Center (University of Texas, USA)

Eduardo C. F. Chiela

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2006-2014 Current: Professor UFRGS

José Eduardo Vargas

Msc. / PhD 2007-2013 Current: Docente UFPR

Alessandra L. Pelegrini

Undergraduate / MsC. / PhD 2005-2012 Current: Post Doc USP

Patrícia Luciana C. Lopez

PhD 2007-2012 Current: Researcher HCPA

Alessandra Tamajusuku

PhD 2006-2010 Current: Professor Unipampa

Lauren L. Zamin

PhD 2006-2010 Current: Professor UFFS

Fernanda B. Morrone

Msc. 2000-2002 Current: Professor PUCRS


Instituto de Biociências - Dep. Biofísica
Prédio 43431 - Sala 115
Avenida Bento Gonçalves, 9500 - Bloco IV, Bairro Agronomia
Porto Alegre, 91509-900, Brazil


+55 51 3308-7620 (lab)
+55 51 3308-7613 (Dr. Lenz)