Nuclear Morphometric Analysis

These files are part of a tool developed to analyze nuclear morphometry in order to quantify senescence, mitosis, apoptosis and mitotic catastrophe.

This tool is patent protected for commercial use, but free for non-commercial use.

Before begining, read the detailed instructions on how to use this tool.

You will need:

  1. Image J - 1.44 bundled with 32-bit Java 1.6.0_20 (28MB) for windows - instal Image J and then copy the created file (usually in program files) to a file in "My documents" which is not write protected. Linux or Mac versions of this programcan be obtained here.

  2. Image J plugin - create a new folder called "NII_Plugin" in the plugin folder of Image J and copy this into this folder.

  3. Use these spreadsheets based on Microsoft excel (TM) (NMA.xls) or Open Office Calc (NMA.ods) to perform your analysis.

  4. You may use these pictures of control cells and treated cells as a training set.

  5. You may check your results of the test quantification with the spreadsheets filled out by the authors using Image J plugin (NMA IJ.xls, NMA IJ.ods) or Image Pro Plus (NMA IPP.xls, NMA IPP.ods).

Please cite NMA as shown below:

Filippi-Chiela E.C., Oliveira M.M., Jurkovski B., Callegari-Jacques S.M., da Silva V.D., Lenz G. Nuclear morphometric analysis (NMA): Screening of senescence, apoptosis and nuclear irregularities. PLoS ONE, 7(8) , 2012.