Evolutionary in silico Cancer Simulator

esiCancer is a computational tool designed to simulate cancer evolution using the genetic information of real cancers to reconstruct the evolutionary history of cancer.

For description and detailed instructions on how to use this tool, read the esiCancer manuscript and watch the informatives videos. Please, follow the link for the original article.

  • Download esiCancer 1.1 software for , or .

    For informartion about updates, see the history of esiCancer versions.

    For macOS High Sierra or less, please follow the instructions to install.

  • Download esiCancer documentation.

  • Use these spreadsheets as examples for esiTable and interaction Table to perform your simulation.

  • Use these files as an example of analysis to esiCancer output. Included you will find a guide and spreadsheets to construct some of the figures presented in esiCancer videos and article.

  • To construct your esiTable or interaction Table using real genomic data, you can used the following tools:

    • These script to use TCGA data.

    • The Select algorithm from Ciriello Lab to analysis interactions (ME and CO) between alterations in cancer.

  • All the code for esiCancer and other info can be found at github/bernardohenz/esiCancer

  • esiCancer is under GNU Public License v3.0. If you make any improvement in the code, please let us know so we can maintain all versions of esiCancer freely available to the public.

If you use this tool, please cite:

Minussi D.C., Henz B., Oliveira M.S., Filippi-Chiela E.C., Oliveira M.M., Lenz G. esiCancer: Evolutionary in silico Cancer Simulator.
Cancer Research, v. 79(5), p. 1010-1013, 2019. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-3924.