The Symposium

The Solid Mechanics Committee of the Brazilian Association of Mechanical Sciences organized the Fourth International Symposium on Solid Mechanics - MecSol 2013. The conference was held at the Mercure Manhattan Hotel in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on the 18th and 19th of April 2013.

The Symposium aimed at gathering specialists in the field of Solid Mechanics for an in depth discussion of the many aspects covered by this large branch of science and technology. Papers presented at the Symposium focused on fundamental and applied issues, including computational, theoretical and experimental contributions. These works drew upon the various branches of engineering science and the allied areas within applied mathematics, materials science, structural engineering and applied physics.

Thus, the symposium encompasses all aspects of the field from the more classical problems of structural analysis to mechanics of solids continually interacting with other media and including fracture, flow, wave propagation, heat transfer, thermal effects in solids, optimum design methods, model analysis, structural topology and numerical techniques.

Most industrial sectors depend on the study of Solid Mechanics. Important contributions in the MecSol symposium series are researches sponsored by major industries in the following fields:

  • Oil and Gas industry: prospection, refining, pipelines, pressure vessels;
  • Aerospace industry: aircraft, composite materials
  • Automotive industry: cars, trucks, agricultural machines
  • Bioengineering: prosthetics, tissue engineering

Symposium History

The International Symposium on Solid Mechanics - MecSol had its first edition in 2007 and takes place every two years in a Brazilian city. The MecSol Symposium is organized under the aegis of the Solid Mechanics Committee of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering.

The 1st International Symposium on Solid Mechanics took place in 2007 at the University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. This workshop had about 50 participants, from distinct institutions. The proceedings of the conference are available for download at ABCM.

The second edition took place at the Windsor Miramar Hotel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the presence of 46 researchers. The proceedings are also available at ABCM.

The third took place at the Majestic Hotel in Florianópolis, Brazil, with about 60 participants. The proceedings will be soon available at ABCM.