The Postgraduate Program in Materials Science was created in 1992 as a Doctorate program, with professors coming from the Institute of Physics, Institute of Chemistry and the School of Engineering. From 2006, the PGPMS (PGCIMAT) also began to offer a Master's program. The objective of the Program is to promote the training and development of human resources, through a multidisciplinary approach for the advance of scientific and technological innovation.

The program’s objective is to stimulate collaborations between different areas, such as Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Geosciences, Odontology , Biology and Pharmacy, thus creating new frontiers of research and knowledge. The main lines of work cover virtually all classes of materials, for instance polymers, electronic, optic and photonic, metals, catalysts, ceramics and biomaterials.

Concentration Areas

Biomaterials and Polymers

The study of biomaterials obtained from renewable sources, dentistry materials, simulation of biological macromolecular processes, synthesis, characterization, modification and evaluation of properties of thermal, mechanical and optical polymeric materials and their relations to morphology and structure.


Cesar Liberato Petzhold
Daniel Eduardo Weibel
Griselda Ligia Barrera Galland
João Henrique Zimnoch dos Santos
Marly Antônia Maldaner Jacobi
Nadya Pesce da Silveira
Raquel Santos Mauler
Rosane Michele Duarte Soares
Sonia Marli Bohrz Nachtigall
Valter Stefani

Instrumentation Applied to Materials Science


Johnny Ferraz Dias
Lívio Amaral

Structural, Coating and Geological Materials

The study of synthesis, phase analysis and properties of geological materials, carbonaceous, advanced ceramics, metals, and hard and ultra-hard alloys; and, also, the study of tribological properties of metallic materials.


Altair Soria Pereira
Marcos Antonio Zen Vasconcellos
Naira Maria Balzaretti
Tania Maria Haas Costa

Materials for information and energy technologies

The study of the synthesis, characterization and the study of physical and chemical properties of materials for conversion, transportation or storing of information and energy. Clean and removable energy resources are also a research focus of this area.


Daniel Eduardo Weibel
Flavio Horowitz
Jairton Dupont
João Edgar Schmidt
Livio Amaral
Marcos Antônio Zen Vasconcellos
Paulo Fernando Papaleo Fichtner
Sérgio Ribeiro Teixeira


Preparation and characterization of raw materials for the production chain materials 

This research field is focused in the preparation and characterization of basic inputs (natural or synthetic) necessary for the production chain of different types of materials. 


Andreia Neves Fernandes
Claudia Alcaraz Zini
Dimitrios Samios