PGDR Institutional Video

Rural Development, produced by UFRGS TV for the TV show "Conhecendo a UFRGS", connected to UNITV (September 2009).

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PGDR - Testimonials

Video about the Post Graduate Program in Rural Development at UFRGS. Testimonials from professors and students. A multidisciplinary look.


International French-Brazilian Seminar (2013)

The Seminar happened at the Tisserand Auditorium (AgroParisTECH) in Paris (France), on April 24 and 25, 2013.


Mãe Natureza Agribusiness - Pedras Altas/RS/Brazil (2015 e 2012)

"Mãe Natureza", on the Glória settlement, in the city of Pedras Altas (RS), consolidated the partnership between Brazil and France for the development of family farming and strengthening of land reform.

The Brazilian-French partnership guarantees agribusinesses in settlements. A cooperation project between Brazilian and French farmers, made possible with the help of government and non-government agencies and universities, has been stimulating the production of milk in family properties on the South of Rio Grande do Sul.  

  • Video shown on the TV show Campo e Lavoura at Rede Globo (2015)

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  • Video produced by UFRGS (2012)

Video about the GEPAC and Family Farming, produced by UFRGS TV (2015)

Conhecendo a UFRGS presents the GEPAD, Study and Research Group on Family Farming and Rural Development at UFRGS. Originated from the Post Graduate Program in Rural Development, the group discusses and produces knowledge about agricultural themes, with studies, field outings and events organized by the researchers.


PGDR Keyword lecture with Henry Bernstein (2014)

Speaker: Henry Bernstein – Professor at London University. "Economy and Politics of Agricultural Development Today".
Where: Auditorium of the School of Economic Sciences
Date: April 25, 2014.


Problematizing Rural Development with Marcel Mazoyer (Parts 1 and 2) (2013)

Speaker: Marcel Mazoyer – Professor at AgroParisTech (France).
Where: Celso Furtado Auditorium (IEPE/UFRGS).
Date: December 10, 2013. 


Keynote lecture: "Post-graduation and interdisciplinary training on environment and development" (2012)

Keynote lecture 2012: "Post-graduation and interdisciplinary training on environment and development" - Prof. Dr. Arlindo Philippi Júnior.
Recorded on May 3, 2012. 
Recording and editing: Distance education team.

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part 1 - part 2

part 3 - part 4

part 5 - part 6

part 7 - part 8

part 9 - part 10


Talking about Research– Tobacco Agribusiness (2013)

Pesquisa em Pauta brings an interview with professor and researcher Leonardo da Silva Xavier, who talks abou the characteristics and the challenges faced by the tobacco agribusiness.


Talking about Research- Child's Nutrition (2011)

Interview with sociologist Sérgio Schneider, professor at the Post Graduate Program in Rural Development at at UFRGS. Pesquisa em Pauta talks about a study developed in the city of Dois Irmãos, under his supervision, about the effects of School Meals. He talks about the relationship between production and consumption and its consequences on eating habits.  


Happened at UFRGS – Caminhos da Integração (Expointer 2011)

Caminhos da Integração is a space set up by UFRGS, along with the EMATER, at Expointer, with the goal of valuing and stimulating the rural development of small and medium-sized farmers.


Inaugural Class - "Climate Changes and Brazil: why should we be worried?"

Inaugural class for the Post-Graduation and Undergraduate courses of Rural Development, given by Dr. Carlos Nobre – researcher at CPTEC/INPE. 

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part 1 - part 2

part 3 - part 4