Rules for submitting research projects

Rules for submitting research projects
Project presentation model for admission to the PPGCM (Master's and Doctoral Degree) and for the General Qualification Examination

The project should contain:

1. Student identification and counselor.
2. Index.
3. List of abbreviations.
4. Abstract and abstract.
5. Introduction - it is recommended from 1 to 2 pages presenting the rational of the question.
6. Systematic review of the literature.

6.1. Show in a schematic way the sites consulted and number of
selected articles to support the research question (Books and
other sources should be mentioned as quoted in the model).

6.2. It is recommended to present a schematic conceptual framework.

7. Patient presentation and methods

7.1. The draft should be presented in accordance with the following Guidelines (The .doc version can be obtained at: http: // )
7.1.1. Observational studies - STROBE (Annex I).
7.1.2. Clinical trials and experimental studies - CONSORT - (Annex II). Clinical trial must be registered at or REBEC
7.1.3. Meta-analysis- PRISMA (Annex III)
Along with the project, the completed Guideline must be delivered quoting the page of each item.

7.2. The project must be clearly characterized as scientific, technological or innovation research.

8. It is recommended that this project presents the following information, in order to allow its adequate analysis by
Advisory Committees:

8.1. Identification of the project

8.2. Qualification of the main problem to be addressed;

8.3. Objectives and goals to be achieved;

8.4. Methodology to be used;

8.5. Main scientific or technological contributions of the proposal;

8.6. Detailed budget;

8.7. Financial physical schedule;

8.8. Identification of the other project participants;

8.9. Degree of interest and commitment of companies with the scope of the proposal, when applicable;

8.10. Indication of collaborations or partnerships already established with other research centers in the area;

8.11. Effective availability of infrastructure and technical support for the development of the project;

8.12. Estimate of financial resources from other sources that will be contributed by possible public agents
and private partners;



This review of the literature focuses on aspects related to the main adverse effects related to PegINF use - pain, depressive symptoms and quality of life - when used in the treatment of viral hepatitis C. We also focused on the relationship between the use of PegINF and BDNF. The search strategy involved the following databases: LILACS, SciELO, PubMed and CAPES thesis database, from 1960 to 2013. Searches were conducted using the terms "Interferon", "Pegylated Interferon", "Pain", "depressive" symptoms', 'Quality of life', 'BDNF', 'tDCS' and their combinations.

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