General information

To promote the training of researchers for national and international action, contributing to the training of masters and doctors with post-graduate training of high level, providing the qualification of qualified professionals, with experience in research aiming at the qualification of health actions and the generation of knowledge with local, regional, national and international relevance. It is a priority of the program to train professionals with a high level of qualification to conduct clinical studies.

The Graduate Program in Medical Sciences encompasses the following research contexts:

Medical clinic: physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment in endocrinology and metabolism; oncology, dermatology, cardiology, pneumology, hematology, rheumatology, immunology and infectology, epidemiology, physiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutics.
Genetics and translational medicine: clinical, molecular, and translational genetics in screening, biochemistry, immunohistochemistry, molecular, acquired, hereditary, and experimental evidence applications to the clinic.
Gynecology and human reproduction: in studies of the reproductive system, genitourinary and fetal medicine study of pathophysiological markers, diagnoses and prognostics.
Clinical and experimental neuroscience focusing on physiology, pathophysiology, cognitive behavioral processing, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, biological rhythms and sleep medicine.
Pharmacology: clinical and experimental pharmacology, studies of efficacy and effectiveness.

Specific objectives

Application of research methods and techniques in the different research scenarios of the health-disease process. Generation of scientific knowledge in the basic area applicable to clinical models and to the health of the people, with priority to the development of clinical studies in matters of greater clinical relevance.

Doctorate degree
Mastering the methods and techniques of clinical research to generate knowledge in the health area with priority to those with greater potential of clinical relevance. Ability to plan and conduct good quality clinical studies aiming at the insertion of the knowledge generated in the scientific universe and its application in society.

Approval by UFRGS

Opinion of the Post-Graduation Chamber, nº 17/90.
CEPE Resolution nº. 12/27/90.
Approval by CAPES: 1991

CAPES Evaluation

Evaluation of the triennium (2001-2003): Concept 5
Evaluation of the triennium (2004-2006): Concept 5
Evaluation of the triennium (2007-2009): Concept 4
Triennium evaluation (2010-2013): Concept 6

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