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The Graduate Program in Human Movement Sciences (PPGCMH) was created in 1989 as a master’s degree program. For the first class, four students were selected, who were advised by professors Adroaldo Cezar Araujo Gaya, Alfredo Gomes de Faria Júnior, Eduardo Henrique De Rose and Ricardo Demétrio de Souza Petersen. The year 2000 was marked by the creation of the doctoral program, and six students were selected, being advised by professors Adroaldo Cezar Araujo Gaya, Aírton da Silva Negrine, Antônio Carlos Stringhini Guimarães, Flávia Meyer, Ricardo Demétrio de Souza Petersen and Silvino Santin. Today the program has 29 professors, 115 master’s students and 117 doctoral students.

The PPGCMH curriculum is organized in semesters, with compulsory and elective courses common to the Master’s and Doctorate degrees. It comprises two areas of study: Human Movement, Culture and Education; and Human Movement, Health and Performance. Both are structured on a solid foundation of relationship with the teaching and outreach activities of the School of Physical Education, Physical Therapy and Dance (ESEFID).

The PPGCMH professors participate in national and international cooperation projects with renowned researchers and universities around the world, which strengthens the internationalization of the program. The PPGCMH works toward the signing of cooperation agreements between UFRGS and other educational institutions in Brazil and abroad, with a view to encouraging academic mobility in doctoral courses and promoting the recognition of academic activities.

The PPGCMH faculty members, in addition to teaching courses in the Physical Education, Physical Therapy and Dance undergraduate degree programs at UFRGS, also supervise undergraduate research projects and undergraduate final year projects. In lato sensu graduate education, they also advise students in their final papers. A very representative number of PPGCMH graduates today are members of the faculty of several undergraduate and graduate programs in Physical Education and Physical Therapy in Brazil.


The Graduate Program in Human Movement Sciences (PPGCMH) – Master’s and Doctorate – has the following objectives:

1) To train teachers, professors and researchers to be autonomous in several areas of study, with mastery of a particular subject and ability to act in the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, research, and outreach activities.  
2) To coordinate the training of researchers with undergraduate teaching and with the advising of undergraduate students by offering them opportunities to socialize and deepen the knowledge produced in research activity.  
3) To consolidate ESEFID/UFRGS as a center of scientific and academic excellence in both national and international scenarios.  
4) To produce relevant knowledge into the scope of basic and applied research projects that, through transfer and stream processes, provide the various communities of teachers and experts with consistent alternatives for their actions in the different demands in which the Human Movement Sciences have social relevance.  
Supporting Infrastructure

For the operationalization of its research lines and projects, the PPGCMH has the support of the Exercise Research Laboratory (LAPEX), located in a modern building with new and sophisticated equipment for research; the Sports Excellence Center (CENESP); the Edgar Sperb Library, which contains a specialized collection in physical education, physical therapy, dance, sports sciences and human movement; and the Sports Memory Center (CEME), which houses an important collection of sports, physical education, leisure and dance in Brazil, and has been an important place of consultation for researchers. The PPGCMH is also co-responsible for the systematic publication of the “Revista Movimento”, which is oriented to the publication of texts in the scope of Social and Human Sciences, and at the interface with the Human Movement Sciences.


Graduate Program in Human Movement Sciences

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