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The aim of the Post-Graduation Program in Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – PPGE3M –, which is part of the School of Engineering of UFRGS, is to supply the Brazilian market with engineering professionals of post-graduate level, in the areas of materials, metallurgy and mining engineering, through advanced academic and research activities.

The available M.Sc., D.Sc., and Professional M.Sc. courses have as a requirement for their completion the presentation of a written thesis, which will lead to a degree in the chosen area of study. The M.Sc. and D.Sc. courses are offered in the following areas of study: i) Mineral Technology, Environmental Studies and Extractive Metallurgy; ii) Fabrication Processes; and iii) Materials Science and Technology.

PPGE3M started its activities in 1973, and had formed its first M.Sc. student by 1976. Up to July 2013, 1026 M.Sc. and 298 D.Sc. had been formed. At present, it has 418 students of which 269 are pursuing a M.Sc. and 149 a D.Sc.

PPGE3M has 26 Permanent Professors and 11 Collaborative Professors which are distributed among 17 research and teaching laboratories. The activities of the program are consolidated and vertically inserted in the mining-metallurgy-materials multi-disciplinarity which involves mineral resources, their extraction and processing (mineral technology), their transformation into goods, and their interaction with the environment at all stages (metallurgy, materials engineering and environmental studies). Its coverage can be estimated to be at around 40% of the Brazilian GDP.

Thanks to its efficiency and to its ever increasing quality levels, PPGE3M was able to maintain, for the third time, its 7/7 grade in the last 4-year evaluation (ending in 2013) of CAPES, the Brazilian Government agency for higher education. 

The program is directed by a Post-Graduation Council, by a Post-Graduation Commission, and a Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator.