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Mineral Technology, Environmental Studies and Extractive Metallurgy

Compulsory Courses

MMD00003 - Introduction to Metallurgical Processes

MMD00005 - Thermodynamics of Materials

MMD00052 - Gravimetric mineral processing

MMD00073 - Introduction to Geostatistics

MMD00109 - Geostatistical simulations

MMD00137 - Solid residue

MMD00140 - Treatment of effluents of the Mechanical-Metallurgical and Mineral Industries

MMD00174 - Coal and Biomass

MMD00184 - Numerical modeling applied to Rock Mechanics and Problem solving in Rock escavation stability

MMD00191 - Principles and applications of dissolved air flotation

MMD00195 - Applied planning of open-pit mining

EPR00200 - Statistical Control of quality

EPR00201 - Design of experiments

EPR00207 - Statistics and probability


Professors in the Area of Materials Science and Technology

Prof. André Cezar Zingano, D.Sc.

Prof. Antônio Cezar Faria Vilela, D.Sc.

Prof. Carlos Hoffmann Sampaio, D.Sc.

Prof. Carlos Otávio Petter, D.Sc.

Prof. Eduardo Osório, D.Sc.

Prof. Ivo André Homrich Schneider, D.Sc.

Prof. Jair Carlos Koppe, D.Sc.

Prof. João Felipe Coimbra Leite Costa, D.Sc.

Prof. Jorge Rubio, D.Sc.

Prof. Nestor Cezar Heck, D.Sc.

Prof. Rafael Teixeira Rodrigues, D.Sc.

Prof. Rejane Maria Candiota Tubino, D.Sc.

Prof. Rodrigo de Lemos Peroni, D.Sc.