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General Information

The Professional M.Sc. of the Post Graduation Program in Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – PPGE3M – of the School of Engineering of UFRGS, aims at supplying the Brazilian market with engineering professionals of post-graduate level in the following areas: Clean Technologies; Environmental Engineering; Steel Production; Biomaterials; Foundry Technologies; Fabrication Processes of Metallic Materials; Industrial Materials and Equipment Inspection Engineering, and Mineral Production.

These specialties are areas which are consolidated within PPGE3M and vertically inserted in the mining-metallurgy-materials multi-disciplinarity which involves mineral resources, their extraction and processing (mineral technology), their transformation into goods, and their interaction with the environment at all stages (metallurgy, materials engineering and environmental studies).

To be awarded the Professional M.Sc. title the candidate must complete 24 credits and present a M.Sc. thesis. 12 courses of 2 credits each are offered in each of the specialities listed above. The experimental work will take place within the candidate’s working environment, and usually is directed at issues which lead to technological innovation and to a consequent increase in the company’s quality and productivity.