Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology

General objectives

To promote the use of epidemiological methodology aimed at the qualification of health actions and the generation of knowledge with local, regional, national and international relevance.

The postgraduate program in Epidemiology encompasses the following research contexts: etiological research, epidemiological-based health planning, epidemiological surveillance, evidence analysis for health actions (clinical and community), clinical-epidemiological research (prevention, Diagnosis, treatment) and anthropological research in health.


Approval by UFRGS

Opinion of the Post-Graduation Chamber, nº. 405/99.

Resolution of CEPE nº. 28/99.

Decision of CONSUN no. 157/99.


CAPES Evaluation

Evaluation of the triennium (2001-2003): Level 5

Evaluation of the triennium (2004-2006): Level 5

Evaluation of the triennium (2007-2009): Level 6

Evaluation of the triennium (2010 - 2012): Level 6

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Secretaria do PPG em Epidemiologia

Horário de Atendimento 

  De segunda a sexta-feira, 

das 8h30 às 12h30

e das 13h30 às 17h30.