The Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology began its activities in 2000 after the dismemberment of the then Postgraduate Program in Medical Clinic (current Medical Sciences) linked to the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Maria Inês Schmidt and Bruce B. Duncan, a group of professors, most of them linked to the Department of Social Medicine of UFRGS, with training and interest in research in the field of public health and epidemiology, created the new Postgraduate Program In the area of Collective Health, with emphasis on training in epidemiology.

Since its inception this program has been characterized by the addition of teachers from different areas of knowledge and linked to different academic units of the university. The faculty of the Program brings together professors with medical training in different specialties (endocrinology, pediatrics, cardiology, family medicine and community, medical clinic, among others), as well as professors in dentistry, statistics, pharmacology, phonoaudiology, nutrition and anthropology . Diversity in teacher education finds its affinities in the epidemiological method and / or in the interest of research and teaching in the public health area. It also allows an expanded training of post-graduate students in that it opens the possibility of looking at research topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Following the diversity of faculty training, the Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology has also welcomed students from various fields of knowledge since its inception. This was one of the aspects that distinguished him from other graduate programs at the Faculty of Medicine of UFRGS when it was created, since at the time these prioritized students coming from a medical training. The student body of the Program has always had students from the different courses in the health area (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, physiotherapy, phonoaudiology), expanding in recent years the entrance of students with training in other areas of knowledge .

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