Frequently asked questions about the selection for the Academic and Doctoral Master


  1. What is the application period for the selection of MSc and PhD?

In general the registrations are in the second semester around the month of September. The announcement is made on the PPG website in the News area.


   2. What documents do I need?

The Selection Notice contains all the necessary information for the application.


   3. What is the selection period and interviews?

The selection is made in two steps. The first corresponds to a Test of Knowledge in mid-November. The second corresponds to the interviews that are usually held in December.


   4. What are the prerequisites and areas of knowledge that can apply for the selection?

To enter the master's degree the candidate must have completed the undergraduate course until the day of enrollment. That is, for the selection the candidate may be in the last semester of the course. There is no knowledge area restriction.

To enter the doctorate, the candidate must have completed the master's degree until the day of enrollment. Undergraduates in dissertation conclusion phase can participate in the selection process. There is no knowledge area restriction.


    5. Do I need to have previous contact with counselors?

Prior contact with counselors is not mandatory. However, know the availability of the advisor in working with a specific topic or other information that may assist the candidate in identifying the most suitable advisor for their work. The candidate must be clear that this contact does not represent any guarantee in the selection process. The Program does not request - and does not use the prior guidance counseling system


    6. Is foreign language proficiency required for selection?

No. UFRGS, through the Institute of Letters, performs the foreign language proficiency exams for postgraduate studies. However, since most of the literature in the area is in English, the lack of knowledge of this language makes it very difficult for the student to develop properly.


  7. How many scholarships does the Program have? How do I get one?

The program has a small number of scholarships that are distributed among candidates who wish to have exclusive dedication to the course and have no employment relationship. The scholarships are distributed according to the classification in the selection process at the beginning of each school year.

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