Final Result PPGEPID Selection Process

Doctorate Final Result - Ticket 2019

Masters Degree Final Result - Ticket 2019


Disclosure of preliminary interview results:

Doctorate Result of Interviews - 2019 Ticket

Masters Interview Results - Ticket 2019


Interviews - PPGEPID Selection Process

Interview Time


Interview Location:

December 3, room 215 (2nd floor) of the Medical School, Ramiro Barcelos Street, 2400, Santa Cecilia, Porto Alegre - RS

December 4th, room 529 (5th floor) of the Institute of Psychology, 2600 Ramiro Barcelos Street, Santa Cecilia, Porto Alegre - RS

* Knowledge Proof Clarification:
This phase will be of an eliminatory nature consisting of proof of knowledge in the areas of epidemiology, biostatistics and bioethics, and may require objective or discursive answers. It will be held by taking advantage of the test applied by the Medical Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul, whose announcement and application deadlines are available at

Secretaria do PPG em Epidemiologia

Horário de Atendimento

  De segunda a sexta-feira, 

das 8h30 às 12h30

e das 13h30 às 17h30.