Announcement Internal Selection PPG in Epidemiology Doctoral Program Sandwich abroad (PDSE) 2017-2018


Delivery of documentation to the Secretariat of PPG Epidemiology  01/23/2018

Confirmation of Candidates Enrolled in PDSE-PPG Epidemiology Internal Selection  01/24/2018

Trial of PDSE Selection by Internal Commission of PPG Epidemiology  01/25/2018

Release of Preliminary Results of Internal Selection PDSE-PPG Epidemiology  01/26/2018

PDSE-PPG Internal Selection Resource Deadline Epidemiology  01/29/2018

Internal Selection Resource Results PDSE-PPG Epidemiology  01/31/2018

Disclosure of Final Results of Internal Selection PDSE-PPG Epidemiology  Feb 1, 2018

Approval of the Final Results of the PDSE Internal Selection by the PPG Epidemiology Commission  02/05/2018

Referral of PDSE Internal Selection Final Results to PROPG UFRGS  02/07/2018

The English proficiency test can be used for any destination country as long as it is accepted by the destination IES and expressed in the letter of acceptance.

Secretaria do PPG em Epidemiologia

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