Information / Results

Homologation Results Internal Selection PDSE-PPGEPID:

Please be advised that the result / classification of the PDSE-PPG Epidemiology Internal Selection (Public Notice No. 047/2017) was approved by the Program Committee,
remaining unchanged from the preliminary ones.



Preliminary Results of the Internal Selection PDSE-PPG Epidemiology (Public Notice No. 047/2017)

- Ranking:

1st) Lisiane Freitas Leal
2º) Natalia Bordin Barbieri
3rd) Augusto Bacelo Bidinotto
4th) Ewerton Luiz Porto Cousin Sobrinho.

Considering the 12-month quota distributed to the Graduate Program in Epidemiology, we inform that it will be divided into two periods of 6 months.


Candidates Enrolled in PDSE / PPG Internal Selection Epidemiology 2017-2018:

- Augusto Bacelo Bidinotto

- Ewerton Luiz Porto Cousin Nephew

- Lisiane Freitas Leal

- Natalia Bordin Barbieri.

Secretaria do PPG em Epidemiologia

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  De segunda a sexta-feira, 

das 8h30 às 12h30

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