Doctorate degree (Ph.D.)

Our doctorate course (stricto sensu) lasts for a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. 

To join the program, the candidate must wait for the selection public notice and carry out the selection process (which consists of a test in Physiology, defense of an original research project and analysis of the Curriculum vitae). The content of the test will be described in the public notice (with bibliography suggestion). 

Approval in the selection process gives the candidate the right to be enrolled as a student, but does not guarantee a scholarship. The number of scholarships depends on the availability of Brazilian government agencies (Capes and CNPq). The student with a scholarship must work under a regime of exclusive dedication (according to the rules of Brazilian regulatory agencies). 

As for the course load, the doctorate requires a minimum of 24 credits (each credit corresponding to 15 hours/class). There are compulsory subjects for those who did not complete the master's degree: PHYSIOLOGY (theoretical, divided into modules) and TEACHING PRATICE (practical). The SEMINARS discipline (in which the student presents a seminar to the public and attends the presentations of colleagues) is mandatory for all doctoral candidates. 

At the end, the student should be able to publish the doctoral thesis. A scientific article (published or accepted for publication in a specialized journal) must accompany the doctoral thesis and another article submitted. The results presented in the articles should be originate from their experimental work during the period of the Ph.D. and the student should be the first author. 

Once all requirements are met, the student is titled Doctor in Physiology.

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