Our Master's Program was accredited by the Federal Council of Education in 1976 as a Postgraduate Course in Biological Sciences, Physiology concentration, recertified by the CFE in 1983 and in 1990.

Financial support from government entities such as FINEP provided a satisfactory increase in scientific production in the field of Physiology, so that in 1987 CAPES recommended the organization of a PhD Program in Physiology, which was approved by the University as well as by  CAPES.

It is undeniable that in the course of half a century there has been real progress in research activities in the field of Physiology in Rio Grande do Sul, as can be seen in appreciating the lines of research currently developed at UFRGS and other universities, time.

To date, the Program has more than 300 masters and PhDs who, for the most part, are now professors at several universities in the country.

Coordinators of this Program were Professors Celso Paulo Jaeger (06 / 1969-05 / 1973), Maria Marques (06 / 1974-06 / 1982), Guillermo Federico Wassermann (07 / 1982-05 / 1988), Aldo Bolten Lucion Rosellis Silveira Martins da Silva (01 / 1997-12 / 1998), and Aldo Bolten Lucion (01 / 1999-04 / 2003), Adriane Belló Klein (05 / 2003-04 / 2007), Ilma Simoni Brum da Silva (05 / 2007-04 / 2011), Maria Flávia Marques Ribeiro (05 / 2011-04 / 2013), Ilma Simoni Brum da Silva 2013-2015), Alex Sander da Rosa Araujo (2015-2017) and Guilherme Baldo (2017-current)

With a tradition of uninterrupted research for decades, the Program presents a favorable and stimulating microenvironment for scientific research, and can be considered a pole of excellence in the country, able to contribute with scientific production of relevance in this area of knowledge and to train new qualified researchers .

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