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Study Areas

Study and modelling of production and transport of sediments on river basins and development of observational techniques. Transport capacity in shallow water flow. Physical and hydraulic characterization of hyper concentrated flow. Physical simulation of sedimentation processes on deep waters.


Hydrogeological characterization of aquifers, hydrodynamic and hydrochemistry of aquifers, assessment of groundwater recharge and stocks, study of vulnerability and risk of contamination of aquifers, techniques for investigation of areas of contamination.


Hydrological processes, control of floods and droughts, urban hydrology, development of observational techniques, hydrological modelling, climate variability. Hydrologic forecasting.

Water and soil engineering.

Hydro-agronomical models. Water balance in agricultural areas. Transport of water and solutes on porous media.

Fluid mechanics and hydraulics

Study of hydrodynamic and transport phenomena. Numerical and experimental studies of turbulent flow. Simulation and characterization of turbidity currents. Fluid-structure interactions, hydraulic structures, transient flow, instrumentation, physical and mathematical modelling.

Water resources planning and management.

Water resources systems. Use and control of water resources. Human, economic, environmental and social aspects. Optimization models. Maximization of benefits from water use. Minimization of costs and impacts of engineering projects. Water resources policy.

Sanitary Engineering

Development of treatment technology for drinking water, waste water and biochemical sludge. Management, treatment and disposal of solid waste from cities and industry. Decentralized systems of drinking and waste water treatment. Reuse of material and energy from waste water, sludge and solid waste. Industrial ecology. Eco technologies. Reuse of rainwater waste water. Mathematical models for ecology and water quality. Optimization of water suply and sewer networks. Methods for analyses of environmental impacts. Planning and management for environmental sanitation.