Postgraduate Program in Pneumological Sciences

Objectives and Scope

The Program has the objective of training qualified personnel to carry out teaching, research and technological development activities in Pneumological Sciences and their dissemination. The Program comprises the Masters and Doctoral Programs, independent and conclusive, not constituting the Master's degree necessarily prerequisite for the Doctorate. However, the performance of the previous Master's candidate should be taken into account when joining the PhD.

The aim of the Master's Course is to train professionals with solid knowledge in Pneumological Sciences, suitable for teaching positions and to integrate scientific and technological research teams.

The aim of the Doctorate Course is to train professionals who, in addition to training in Pneumological Sciences, have more extensive scientific knowledge and specific training in their research line, being able to develop original research, independently and with leadership capacity
scientific basis.

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Secretaria do PPG em Ciências Pneumológicas

 Horário de Atendimento (externo)

De segunda à sexta-feira, 

das 9h00 às 12h00

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