Master and Doctorate Admission



1. Application form;
2. Graduation Diploma (original and copy);
3. Identification: photo 3x4, RG, CPF, Title of Elector (original and copy)
4. Dissertation Project of the supervisor's Consolidated Research Line (a);
5. Curriculum Vitae in the Lattes Platform, (printed);
6. Proof of enrollment in the Medical Foundation Examination or test result;
7. Demonstration of knowledge in the English language - optional (if it does not take place at the time of the interview)

Doctorate degree

1. Completed application form;
2. Undergraduate and Master's degree (original and copy);
3. Identification: Photo 3x4, RG, CPF, Title of Elector (original and copy);
4. Curriculum Lattes referring to the period of Masters or Intellectual Production compatible with the Degree and master;
5. Thesis Project in the Consolidated Research Line of the advisor (a);
6. Acceptance Letter from the Advisor (optional for availability checking)

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