In January 2000, the Scientific Technical Council of CAPES accredited the Postgraduate Program in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Medicine of UFRGS, at Masters and PhD levels. With this decision, a long period of preparation and planning of the Department reaches its goal, having, from this date, all levels of academic training. The creation of the program completed a cycle of development and expansion of resources, which began, historically, with the evolution of psychiatry itself in the state: the installation and operation of the Psychiatric Center Melanie Klein, the change of this to the Clinical Hospital of Porto Alegre with the creation and consolidation of the Psychiatric Service of the Hospital of Clinics of Porto Alegre and finally the creation of the Master's and Doctoral Program in Psychiatry, establishing the importance of the Academic Research for the Department of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine at the Federal University of Rio Grande The new Program formally began its activities in March 2000, since the selection of the first group was held in January.

Since its creation PPG Psychiatry has had a very promising trajectory with rapid expansion in quantitative and qualitative terms. Received note 5 in the previous CAPES evaluations and in the evaluation of the triennium 2007-2009, it moved from note 5 to note 7 in the CAPES evaluation, repeating note 7 in the evaluation of the triennium 2010-2012.

The program is characterized by a concise group of highly productive teachers with great national and international prominence in their subspecialties. This group of about 20 permanent teachers is stable and cohesive, and these characteristics seem to have contributed to maintaining high productivity and quality in human resource training.

The graduates of the program have maintained a high rate of obtaining academic and market positions, especially in centers abroad (Canada, Spain, USA) and in national centers (Ceará, Paraná, São Paulo). This group has been increasingly successful in establishing international partnerships and contributing to the current challenge of this PPG to build a solid and real internationalization.

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