Claudia Lima Marques

Currículo Vitae resumido

Claudia Lima Marques holds the Private International Law and Law of International Relation Chair at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul at Porto Alegre , Brazil. A graduate of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul has a phD. from Heidelberg (Germany) and a LL.M. from Tübingen Law School (Germany), also has study in Saarbrücken, at the Europa-Institut, she has written and lectured widely on civil, on conflicts of law and consumer law issues. She is Chair of the Committee on International Protection of Consumers of the International Law Association, London and was President of ASADIP (Associación Americana de Derecho Internacional Privado, Asunción, Paraguay). She is the Chief-Editor of the Journal “Revista de Direito do Consumidor” (Ed. RT/Thompson Reuters, Quallis 1 A Capes-MEC), author of books in national and international consumer law--Contratos no Código de Defesa do Consumidor (1992/6ed.2014). O novo direito Privado e a proteção dos vulneráveis (with Bruno Miragem, 2013/2ed. 2014, Price Jabuti, 3 Best book in Law, Brazilian ‘Chamber of Book’ in 2013). Manual de Direito do Consumidor (with Antônio Herman Benjamin and Leonardo Bessa, 2007/7.ed. 2014) Comentários ao Código de Defesa do Consumidor (with Antônio Herman Benjamin and Bruno Miragem, 2004/2.ed. 2005), Confiança no Comércio eletrônico e a proteção do consumidor (2004, Price Brasilcon of Best Book on Consumer Law of the Year) and one in International Family Law (Frankfurt, 1996), editor of four books on consumer law, Apliação do CDC aos Bancos (with João Batista de Almeida and Roberto Pfeiffer, 2006), Direitos do Consumidor Endividado- Superendividamento e Crédito (with Rosangela Cavallazzi, 2006), Seguro e Responsabilidade I, II, III (with José Reinaldo Lima Lopes, Roberto Pfeiffer and Cristiano Schmidt, 1999/20) and Estudos sobre a proteção do consumidor no Brasil e Mercosul (1994). She has one book publish in Argentina, Contratos de servicios a los consumidores (with Ricardo Lorezentti, 2005) and is co-author of the book Derecho Internacional Privado de los Estados del Mercosur (Ed. Diego Fernández Arroyo, 2003). She participated with articles in three international books Consumer Law in the Global Economy - National and International Dimensions (Editor Iain Ramsay, Asgate-Dartmouth, Aldershot/ Brookfield USA, 1997), Consumer Law in the information Society, (Editor Thomas Wilhelmsson et ali, Kluwer Law International, Boston, 2001), Consumer Credit, Debt & Bankruptcy (Editor Johanna Niemi, Iain Ramsay and William C. Whitford, Hart, Osford, 2009). She has written numerous articles on civil law (contracts, torts and family law), on conflicts of laws and consumer law issues published in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Germany, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Japan, China and the USA. He has served on or been a consultant to Mercosur and the Brazilian Ministry of Justice on consumer and antitrust law matters and serve at the list of arbitrator in Mercosur Tribunal of Olivos and the Dispute Settelment Comitte Brazil-Chile-ALADI. She is visiting professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and Santa Fé (Argentine) and was visiting professor at the Paris 1 Université, Pantheón-Sorbonne (2006) and Université de Savoie, Chambery and has giving lectures at the OAS' International Law Course. In 2003 she was "Directeur d'Études" at the Private International Law Course of the Hague Academy of International Law (Holland) and in 2009 has teach a course on the protection of the weaker party in Private International Law at the Hague Academy again. She is the author of the Brazilian proposed and now in negotiations by the OAS Inter-American Convention on the applicable law to some consumer contracts- future CIDIP VII-Part II: protection of consumers and the Brazilian Draft Convention on Co-operation in respect of Tourists and Visitors Abroad at the Hague Conference of Private International Law. She served as General-Rapporteur at the Committee to Reform the Brazilian Consumer Code at the Brazilian Parlament. Director of the Deutsch-Lusitanische Juristenvereinigung (Berlin), of Brasilcon (Brasília) and of the ILA-Branch Brazil.