Research Lines

Couple’s relations: conflict, diversity and marital quality

It aims to understand the marital subsystem dynamic in terms of contemporary marriage idiosyncrasies, in different levels of satisfaction, family origin repercussion, job implications, homosexual couples among other phenomena affecting the marital relationship

The Family and the Education task: challenges and reflections on the diversity

It aims to understand the values, attitudes, goals, beliefs and educational family strategies when facing contemporary demands. The objective is also to identify resources that are being used by families on the educational process, which are protective and enhancers of the development of the children. It studies the link between parenting and couple relationship, focusing on the conflict resolution strategies of the family nucleus.


The Family Evolving Stages Facing Modern Demands

It aims to identify the main tasks and conflicts inherent to each stage of family vital evolution cycle, focusing the current context demands. It aims to know the factors that improve or diminish the evolving process that family members have been finding in the execution of tasks related to their role in the family system in different vital cycle stages.

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