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Applying to UFRGS



To become a regularly enrolled student in an undergraduate course at UFRGS, the international student needs to:

  • Fill in the Formulário de candidatura aluno visitante (application form for student visitor). After filling in form, send it by e-mail to Relinter. Attached to the application form, the following documents must be included:
  • Academic Transcripts inventory supplied by the student's host institution, containing the courses taken, the respective grades and credit hours, duly signed.
  • Copy of the passport: a clear copy, with the number of the document and photograph.
  • Study Plan: a list with the courses the student would like to take at UFRGS; this list must be authorized (duly signed by responsibles) by the student's home institution. The courses offered by UFRGS can be found in the link Atividades de Ensino. The disciplines available at UFRGS can be checked here. The Study Plan can be found on the second page of the Formulário de Candidatura de Aluno Visitante (Guest Student Application Form), and is prone to alterations depending on the approval of the tutor.
  • Description of disciplines completed: this document should present a brief description, in Portuguese, of all disciplines you passed at your university. This document does not have to be official, you may informally make a report of the disciplines.

These documents should be sent by e-mail in only one PDF file to and by mail to the following address:


Secretaria de Relações Internacionais

Praça Argentina, S/N Prédio 11.102 - Château.

Campus Centro

CEP: 90040-020 Porto Alegre - RS, Brasil

After we receive the necessary documents and forms, the requests will be assessed. Afterwards, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent by mail to those students who were accepted at UFRGS. The Letter of Acceptance is an official document that testifies that you are allowed to study at UFRGS and it is a requested document for obtaining your Brazilian Student Visa (Temporary Visa IV). 

Deadline for applications:

Semester 2019/2 (August to December): apply until April 5, 2019

Semester 2020/1 (March to July): apply until November 5, 2019


In order to attend a full undergraduate course at UFRGS there are two alternatives:

-                The student can take the admission exam (called Vestibular, akin to the SATs). More information at

-                 The student can also apply for the PEC-G (Undergraduate student agreement student) through the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country of origin. Information at



Extravestibular is an alternative way of admission on undergraduate courses. Please contact the Pró-Reitoria de Graduação for further information:



In order to attend a full graduate course at UFRGS you need to contact the desired graduate program. The requisites for applying for Master and Doctorate are not the same across UFRGS courses, we suggest you pick the course you are interested on by visiting the website (for Masters) or (for Doctorate) and then contact the Graduate Program directly in order to verify the admission requirements and proceedings. There are scholarships available for this type of mobility.

Another option is to enroll through PEC-PG (Graduate student agreement student) ) through the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country of origin. Information at



In order to carry out a research internship please visit the websites for the graduate courses above. On each graduate program, specially master and doctorate, there are lists with the names of professors that conduct research here at UFRGS, research groups and labs. You can also find the research groups at After, please contact the professor/research group you are interested on applying for an internship. In case the researcher approves your enrollment he must contact our secretary in order to enroll you at our University through the e-mail



 UFRGS offers a Portuguese for Foreigners course for a cheap fee, directed for students that wish to come to Brazil only to study Portuguese and also for students that are already studying at our undergraduate or graduate courses and wish to improve their Portuguese. The language course at our University is and experience that surpasses the classroom experience, encouraging students to immerge in the Brazilian culture through various dynamic extra-class activities. The applications are managed by the Languages Institute at UFRGS. For further information about the Portuguese for Foreigners Program please contact the program directly  through the e-mail or by phone at +55 51 3308 6690.



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