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Brazilian Friend

The Department of International Relations (RELINTER) in UFRGS is developing a new project aiming to facilitate the setting of our international students in Porto Alegre. The project, called Brazilian Friend, is about finding a Brazilian student who is willing to assist you in various aspects of the exchange.

The exchange is the best way of interaction between cultures, bringing mutual benefits to both parties. The foreign student will have benefits that are of great value, so that he will have an effective integration in Brazilian culture, make friends faster, you can practice Portuguese and have a touch of confidence before arriving in Brazil. The Brazilian students can practice a foreign language, immerse themselves in another culture, share experiences, make new friends and add knowledge.

The Brazilian Friend activities will be decided by the students, foreigner and Brazilian. Usually, Brazilian students establish contact with their foreign friends before their departure, giving tips about the city of Porto Alegre (climate, prices, activities, etc), helping to find a residence, seeking their friends at the airport. After the arrival of the student, his/her Brazilian friend can show the new city, submit to your friends, walk together, take to parties and participate in many activities of their daily life, until an effective integration of students in Brazilian culture.

I want to have a Brazilian Friend, what can I do? First of all it is necessary that foreign students be aware of cultural and ideological differences that may happen between friends. Likewise, adopting a foreign friend must be a decision with much thought, responsibility and willingness to accept. After making that decision, the student is ready to start the application procedures for meeting a Brazilian friend. Upon receipt of the applications, the RELINTER provide the contact between interested in making international friendships that have similar profiles, according to data reported on the form.

Students interested in receiving the list of Brazilian friends available should request it by e-mailing us to

RELINTER is sure that the experience with the Brazilian Friend is immeasurable for both parties and we are available to answer any questions concerning this project.


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