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Located in Porto Alegre, capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS (the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) is a centenary institution, with national and international recognition. UFRGS offers undergraduate courses and graduate programs in all fields of knowledge.

The faculty is composed by masters and PhDs. One of UFRGS policies is to keep the infrastructure of libraries and labs, the student assistance and the national and international insertion up-to-date and always in development.

Daily, about 30.000 people pass by UFRGS campi studying in one of the most qualified higher education institutions in the country. The level of excellence in education allied with research and extension activities – offering several activities to the general community – makes UFRGS reach the highest scores in Education Ministry.

UFRGS, as a public good serving the society, is compromised with the future, developing critical conscience. The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul respects differences, priors experimentation and, fundamentally, reaffirms its compromise with education and knowledge production, inspired by the ideals of freedom and solidarity.

Carlos Alexandre Netto



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