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Medical attention in Porto Alegre


International Health Insurance

Emergency - health centers

Consultations with specialists - options and procedures



International Health Insurance

Every international student must contract an international health insurance service before departing of their home countries. If you need medical assistance, look for the information described in your insurance policy. Contact the indicated phone number and you will receive guidance about how to proceed and where to look for health care.


I'm an international student but don't have health insurance. Now what?

Those students who DON'T have international health insurance and/or don't have resources to seek for private medical care must seek the public service network through SUS (acronym for Unique Health System). SUS provides free health services for every citizen in several service centers spread over the city. However, assistance in some specifics medical specialties may be a bit slow or not be available on the service center. 





 The nearest hospitals to the University which provide emergencial assistance (followed by their addresses) are:


     Largo Teodoro Herzl, s/nº (Av. Osvaldo Aranha, esquina Av. Venâncio Aires)


     Av. Independência, 155


 Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 2350


In life-threatening cases, such as major injuries, acute clinical cases, drownings and others, call 192.



Specialists - options and procedures


To schedule an appointment with any specialist, look for the closest Basic Health Unit or Health Center to your residence. It is necessary to present a proof of residence and identification document. 


The first appointment, considered of basic attention, such as general practitioner, pediatrician, gynecologist and obstetrics are scheduled directly at the health centers. On centers which do not provide a host service, numbers are distributed from 7 a.m. According to need, the physician directs the patient to a specialist.


 Check which is the closest Basic Healt Unit (UBS) or Health Center to your address: UBS | Health Centers (in portuguese)


Another option to schedule an appointment is Central de Consultas, a medical center located in downtown Porto Alegre which offers health care with several medical specialties for prices that go around R$ 30~70, being thus cheaper than other private health centers.

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