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How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

For homeowners, your vacuum cleaner is definitely a must-have household appliance. But even with the best vacuum cleaner, if you neglect it long enough, it will not perform up to par. Not to mention that your vacuum can start to smell, overheat, and have low suction power. If any of this is happening, it’s time for you to clean your vacuum cleaner.

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Step 1 – Disassemble all the parts

You should start by going to your washroom or utility room unless you want all the dust and dirt to fly around the house as you disassemble your vacuums cleaners brands. Follow the manual and carefully take out the parts. In most cases, you can easily gain access to the dust container/bag, filter, various moving parts, and motor.

Step 2 – Clean the filters

Make sure you spend time cleaning your filters first since they’ll directly affect the suction power of your vacuum cleaners. Take out the filter, place it over your toilet or a trash can, and gently beat out all the dust. Don’t do it too hard or you’ll send the dust flying all around.

After that, put the filter in the sink and let clean water run through it until there is no dirt left. Place the filter in a dry place for 24-48 hours. If your vacuum also has a HEPA filter it’s best to get a new one for better filtration.

Step 3 – Clean the dirt bag/container

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As for the dirt container, you should start by dumping out all of the dust and debris inside it. Then you just have to clean it with soap and water. Make sure you clean it thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt in the corners. And if you have a dirt bag, just get rid of it and replace it with a new one.

Step 4 – Clean your hoses

Having a blocked hose is another reason for suction loss. You want your hose to be completely clean and connected to the vacuum to optimize its performance.

For good vacuum cleaners with removable hoses, the cleaning is quite simple. You just have to take it out and wash with water to flush out all the dirt. And for those that aren’t removable, there is a simple trick that you can use. Pick a long and small stick then run it down the pipelines. Once you’ve reassembled all the parts, you can turn on your vacuum cleaner and switch to the inverted mode. All the stuck chunks of dirt will be pushed out easily.

Step 5 – Clean the beater bar and vacuum head

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For upright vacuum cleaners, your beater bar is usually cloaked with hair and debris after a certain amount of time. It’s important that you can get rid of those as soon as possible. Use a small scissor and run it along the bristles. Cut off all the piece of hair and stringy matter until your beater bar is free to move easily.

As for the vacuum heads, just put those in your sink then soak them with soap and water. Use a brush to brush out all the dust, debris, and hair before you rinse them with clean water. Leave the parts out in the open air until they’re fully dried.

After you’re done with the cleaning and all the parts are dried, it’s time to reassemble your vacuum cleaner and enjoy its high performance once again.