About Siriema

In response to various environmental impacts caused by roads, Road Ecology emerged as a discipline over the last decades (see Forman et al., 2003). Nowadays, road-kills are considered the main source of direct mortality for terrestrial vertebrates in many regions of the world (Forman & Alexander, 1998), and such impact is of high concern in road ecology research. However, as in many other fields of science, there is still a "long and winding road" between information achieved from scientific research of road impacts and its application by government and civil society during decision making and planning of public policy related to the environment.


We propose Siriema software as a tool for road-kill evaluation and to support mitigation measures planning. The software makes available analyses that may be used by researchers, road managers, consultancy agencies, environmental agencies and transportation agencies. Siriema aims to help answering important issues in road impact context: are there road stretches with higher mortality than others? Where are they located? Where to concentrate mitigation measures? Which measures adopt?


Siriema is a free software. Feel free to use it and distribute it.


You can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Suggestions, critics and comments are welcome to help the continuous improvement of analyses and software functionality. However, very limited user support is provided and only for specific questions that cannot be solved by carefully reading the user manual.