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Defesa de tese - PPGC

"Enhancing Affective Communication in Embodied Conversational Agents Through Personality-Based Hidden Conversational Goals"
Quando 13/03/2012
das 10:00 até 14:00
Onde Sala 220 (conselhos). Prédio 43412 - Instituto de Informática
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Título:Enhancing Affective Communication in Embodied Conversational Agents Through Personality-Based Hidden Conversational Goals

Autor: Michelle Denise Leonhardt Camargo

Orientador: Profa. Dra. Rosa Maria Viccari

Orientadora cotutela: Profa. Dra. Sylvie Pesty - Université de Grenoble (França)


Banca examinadora:

- Prof. Dr. Eliseo Berni Reategui - UFRGS - PPGIE

- Prof. Dr. Dominique Duhaut - VALORIA

- Profa. Dra. Márcia Cristina Moraes - PUCRS

- Prof. Dr. Patrick Reignier - INRIA



Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) are intelligent software entities with an em- bodiment used to communicate with users, using natural language. Their purpose is to exhibit the same properties as humans in face-to-face conversation, including the ability to produce and respond to verbal and nonverbal communication.

Researchers in the field of ECAs try to create agents that can be more natural, believ- able and easy to use. Designing an ECA requires understanding that manner, personality, emotion, and appearance are very important issues to be considered.

In this thesis, we are interested in increasing believability of ECAs by placing per- sonality at the heart of the human-agent verbal interaction. We propose a model relating personality facets and hidden communication goals that can influence ECA behaviors.

Moreover, we apply our model in agents that interact in a puzzle game application. We develop five distinct personality oriented agents using an expressive communication language and a plan-based BDI approach for modeling and managing dialogue according to our proposed model.

In summary, we present and test an innovative approach to model mental aspects of ECAs trying to increase their believability and to enhance human-agent affective commu- nication. With this research, we hope to improve the understanding on how ECAs with expressive and affective characteristics can establish and maintain long-term human-agent relationships.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems, Embodied Conversational agents, believability

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Av. Paulo Gama, 110 - Bairro Farroupilha - Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul
CEP: 90040-060 - Fone: +55 51 33086000