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Invited Speakers

See below the list of invited speakers:

  • Andrés Felipe S. Syro (Université Paris Sud - France)

"Electronic structure of exotic electronic states in correlated materials".

  • Mucio Continentino (CBPF - Brazil)

"Spin-waves close to a ferromagnetic quantum critical point".

  • Claudine Lacroix (Institute Neel - France)


  • Peter S. Riseborough (Temple University - USA)

"A simple Model for Topological Insulator  and  some comments on the large spin SU(2) Kondo Lattice".

  • Pascoal Pagliuso (UNICAMP - Brazil)

"Electron Spin Resonance as a probe to search for non-trivial metallic surface states".

  • Dante Mosca (UFPR - Brazil)

"Chemistry of defects and ferromagnetism in cerium oxide".

  • Mauro Dória (UFRJ - Brazil)


  • Clodoaldo I. L. de Araujo (UFV - Brazil)

"Degeneracy and thermodynamics of planar artificial spin ice"

  • Lucio Dorneles (UFSM - Brazil)

"Multiple-state magnetic memory based on Hall effect of Pd/Co pseudo-spin valve antidots"

  • José Roberto Iglesias (UniSinos - Brazil)


  • Eleonir Calegari (UFSM - Brazil)

"Effects of a k-dependent hybridization on the pseudogap regime of a Hubbard d-p model"

  • Luis F. Barquin (Universidade da Cantabria - Spain)

"Disclosing unexplored phenomena in randomly dispersed assemblies of 3d- and 4f-nanoparticles: from Verwey transition to Crystalline Electric Field local disruption"

  • Paulo Pureur (UFRGS - Brazil)


  • Miguel Gusmão (UFRGS - Brazil)

"Correlations and disorder: Mott-Anderson scenario in the Falicov-Kimball model"

  • Cecilia Ventura (CAB - Argentina)

"Recent studies of magnetism and electronic properties: three examples"

  • Gertrude Zwicknagl (Tecnische Universitat Brausnchweig - Germany)

"The Utility of Band Theory in Correlated Electron Systems"

  • Armando A. Aligia (CAB - Argentina)

"Effective Hamiltonians for transition-metal oxides and topological superconductors"

  • Juliano Denardin  (USACH - Chile)

"Magnetic properties of ordered arrays of nanodomes and nanoholes"

  • Ben Hur Bernhard  (UDESC - Brazil)

"A model phase diagram for itinerant metamagnetic systems"

  • Rafael da Cunha Otoniel (UNILA - Brazil)

"Spintronics: new challenges "

  • Gerardo Martinez (UFRGS - Brazil)

"Topological Invariant in a disordered Kiatev Chain"