Travel Scholarships
There will be limited number of travel scholarships to help students attend the meeting. Scholarship is limited to those students without other financial support, including bench fees (‘auxĂ­lio bancada’) and/or Graduate program funds. In the ‘d. Stipend request’ document, the candidate should explain in details why he/she must receive financial support to attend the school. In the Cover Page, those requesting travel scholarship should select that option. It is important to note that those with declined travel scholarship request will have their registration automatically declined and will not be able to attend the meeting. We strongly recommend the applicant to consult with the Graduate Program, local program, local funding agencies, laboratory head and/or any other source of funding before applying for a travel scholarship. It is also important to note that travel scholarships are limited to students enrolled in Brazilian Institutions.

Science Without Border Fellowships
Depending upon mutual interest between an invited speaker and a meeting participant, there will be available up to three (3) fellowships for participants to receive further training abroad during a period of up to one (1) year. The scientific committee reserves the right to select the recipients of these fellowships. In case there are no candidates qualified to receive the fellowships, they won’t be awarded.

The organizers would like to reiterate that the intent of this meeting is to open the possibility for Brazilian students to receive solid scientific training in Brazil and abroad. We will make all the efforts to assure that the participants of the meeting receive all the support and guidance to acquire the necessary training. If fellowships are not awarded, we will still be committed to help students identify possibilities in the future.