In Situ testing

A comprehensive in situ investigation was undertaken at the Experimental Testing Site, comprising several geotechnical and geophysical techniques.
A total amount of 13 CPTUs, 3 SPTs and 2 SDMTs where performed. Additional laboratory tests have been performed on disturbed samples to get soil grading, natural water content.
Test results are described in detail in following reports.


Raw data are available in the following Excel files.


CPTU – Fugro Report pdf
CPTU – Geoforma Report pdf
DMT – Geoforma Report pdf
SPT – Geoforma Report pdf
SPT – Sample Description pdf
Raw Data CPTU and DMT_new xls


Description of test pile and load test procedure

Recently (2015) a Prediction Event on the performance of pile ET4 allowed to overview existing approaches to pile analysis and design. ET4 is a fully instrumented bored pile, 1 m diameter and 24 m length, loaded at a standard, load maintained, axial load test.
Details on pile installation, internal and external instrumentation and axial load procedures are available into the following files.

Test pile and load test procedure details_new.pdf

Reaction Frame.pdf

Test Pile ET4 – Location.pdf

Test Pile ET4 – Section.pdf


Integrity testing

The integrity of the pile has been evaluated by means of different non-destructive techniques: PIT (Pile Integrity Testing), CH (Cross Hole) and TIP (Thermal Integrity Profiler). Results are available in following reports.


PIT and CH Report.pdf