English Summary

Here you can find a summary of the Selection Process (i.e., the concurso). For the oficial Edital, only in portuguese, we refer you to this link, especially to orientações.

The selection process is the following: you subscribe on-line, e-form, very simple (10/05 – 24/05). Don’t forget to pay the subscription (BOLETO) by 24/05.

The selection process can be done in English or Spanish or Portuguese. It consists of:

a. A written exam where you have 4 hours to write about a subject
randomly chosen from PROGRAMA PARA A PROVA ESCRITA 15 minutes
before the start of the exam by the examination committee. During the first
hour you can look at public material (text books, for example) that
you need to bring with you (no copies are allowed).

b. A lecture of about 45 min at undergraduate level where you pick beforehand the subject and prepare well in advance from PROGRAMA PARA A PROVA DIDÁTICA.

c. A presentation of your research project to be developed at
Departamento de Astronomia as well as your research career (i.e.
it is a CV+project defense): the PROJETO DE PESQUISA.


i)  At the opening you have to present your CV (fully documented) + a
written version of your research project  to be conducted as an
adjunct professor at UFRGS + the subject and abstract
(only) of your Lecture.

ii) The selection process is expected to last one week, and you need to be in Porto Alegre during this time.