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The Solar System and the Exoplanet Zoo: Making Sense of Planet Formation – André Izidoro (UNESP)

August 22, 2018: 12:30 - 13:30

To date more than 3000 exoplanets have been confirmed but observations have found that most planetary systems have dynamical architectures strikingly different from our own. Gas giant exoplanets have been observed on orbits very different than those of Jupiter and Saturn, including very close-in hot Jupiters and on very eccentric orbits. Compact systems of hot super-Earths – planets with sizes between 1 and 4 Earth radii; or masses between 1 and 20 Earth mass – are systematically found orbiting their stars at distances much shorter than that of Mercury to our sun. This class of planet seems to be present around the majority of main sequence stars but no such planet exists in our inner Solar System. Given that most exoplanetary systems look dramatically different than our own, one question arises: how did we get so weird? I will start presenting an overview of stages of planet formation and then use the results of N-body computer simulations to discuss a series of events that can explain why our Solar System is different. I will also discuss the current models for the solar system formation, origins of Earth’s water and formation of hot super-Earths and exo-terrestrial planets.


August 22, 2018
12:30 - 13:30


Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral