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Clustered star formation from redshift ~3 to 0; linking parsec to galactic scale physical processes – Angela Adamo (Stockholm, Sweden)

5 de setembro de 2018: 12:30 - 13:30

Since their detection in local galaxies and their potential link to globular and open clusters in the Milky Way, star clusters have attracted huge interest. As gravitationally bound systems, formed out in the densest regions of a giant molecular cloud, and hosting a large fraction of massive stars (e.g. responsible for feedback), star clusters are considered to act as fundamental units of star formation and tracers of star formation history. I will present the results of the Legacy ExtraGalactic Uv Survey (LEGUS). LEGUS is a Hubble treasury program designed to provide a complete UV and optical homogeneous coverage of a sample of galaxies selected to be representative of the star forming galaxies present within the Local Volume. LEGUS is giving us access to ~10^6 photometric spectral energy distributions of stars and stellar clusters detected within the 50 targets. The census of the stellar and cluster populations is opening an unprecedented opportunity to study star formation from stellar to cluster complex scales. Key aspects of the cluster formation properties remain still unanswered. Within their host galaxies, can star clusters be used as tracers of the star formation process? To which extent do young star cluster populations carry imprints of the environment and gas condition of the host galaxies where they form? For the first time we are enabled to study cluster formation in direct comparison with the underlying stellar population in a large variety of galactic environments. I will provide a short overview of the physical and statistical properties of the star cluster populations forming in local galaxies. I will discuss current observational results and theoretical predictions that attempt to link cluster formation and evolution to the physical conditions of the gas in the interstellar medium of the host galaxy. I will conclude comparing the properties of star formation at low and high redshift, and how physical processes and gas conditions reflect in the properties of the resulting star cluster populations.


5 de setembro de 2018
12:30 - 13:30


Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral