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“Probing the feeding and feedback process in nearby AGNs: The kinematics of ionized gas and stars in a sample of nearby Active Galaxies ” — Carolina Finlez (Universidad de Concepcion)

10 de maio de 2017: 12:30 - 13:30

Studying the process of feeding and feedback on the central region of active galaxies is paramount in the understanding of nuclear activity and galactic evolution. This study can be carried by observing the narrow line region of nearby active galaxies, the nature of which remains to be completely understood. A detailed study of the kinematics of the NLR can be undertaken with the use of integral field spectroscopy, in order to disentangle the mixed kinematic components.

We will work with a sample or nearby active galaxies observed with integral field spectroscopy to probe the kinematics of the NLR, this sample will be complemented with galaxies from the literature. The final sample will provide a large set of parameters which we will use to search for systematic trends and correlations between the AGN properties and the properties of the host galaxy. Specifically, we will search for relations between outflow presence/rates with AGN luminosity, radio jets, and other galaxy properties that could be related. On the other hand we will look for relations between inflow presence/rates and AGN luminosity, morphology,  dust lanes, minor mergers, and particularly, we will explore the connection to large scale bars, inner bars or spirals and their influence on central kinematics.


10 de maio de 2017
12:30 - 13:30


Anfiteatro Antonio Cabral