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Defesa de Tese - Doutorado
Data: Segunda-feira, 22 de Abril de 2019 (10:30 - 23:59)

The role of FASL, BCL-2 and BAX polymorphisms in Brazilian patients with prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Orientador: Dr. José Artur Bogo Chies

Banca Examinadora: Dra. Tatiana Roman e Dr. Gustavo Fioravanti Vieira


Prostate cancer (PCA) is one of the leading causes of death among men, being related to several factors, including genetic and environmental triggers. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is defined as a histopathological and hyperplastic alteration associated to prostate aging. The FASL, BCL-2 and BAX genes are involved in cell apoptosis regulation, and can be related to the development of both cancer and hyperplasia. We investigate the association of FASL -844 (rs763110), BCL-2 -938 (rs2279115) and BAX -248 (rs4645878) polymorphic variants in Southern Brazilian PCA and BPH patients and healthy controls. A total of 348 samples were analyzed, being 123 from PCA patients, 143 BPH patients and 82 healthy controls, using PCR-RFLP techniques. The results of genotyping analysis were adjusted by age, and compared with PSA levels and prostate volume. The analyzes of genotype frequencies in PCA, HPB and controls, were performed by logistic regression corrected by age, and showed that the FASL CC genotype is a risk factor for PCA patients, when compared to controls (p=0.041). The clinical data investigation indicated higher PSA levels in PCA patients with FASL CC genotype as compared to TC genotype carriers (p=0.044), higher PSA levels for healthy individuals with BCL-2 AA genotype, comparing with CC genotype (p=0.027) and higher PSA levels in BPH patients with FASL CC genotype, as compared to TC genotype (p=0.044). Our data indicate the FAS LCC genotype as a risk factor for prostate pathologies, while BCL-2 CC can act as a protective genotype.

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