The areas of VII CBENS are:

  • Thermal conversion of solar energy
  • Photovoltaic conversion of solar energy
  • Meteorological data and instrumentation applied to renewable energy
  • Solar energy and the built environment
  • Market, Public Policies and Management in Solar Energy
  • Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy
  • Education and Training in Solar Energy
  • Wind power, energy use of biomass, small hydroelectric plant
  • Tidal and wave energy and other renewable sources of energy

Review Process

All articles will be reviewed by two members of the Scientific Committee. The following aspects will be considered:

  • relevance;
  • scope;
  • originality;
  • clarity and organization.

Articles submitted may not have been previously published.

Accepted papers must be submitted by one of the authors and will be published in the Proceedings of the Congress.

During the review the evaluators also indicate the best works, the most outstanding of which are then invited for publication in the REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE ENERGIA SOLAR.


The programme of activities is still under development.

General Programme Link.

Short Courses

Short Courses present fundamentals necessary to understand the processes of conversion of renewable energies, or the use of certain tools used in research or applications. Each edition of CBENS proposes new minicourses, with its own menus, many of them aimed at preparing students less experienced in the subject and who in the following days will participate in the activities of the Congress, and others aimed at more experienced staff to present certain scientific procedures or good practices in systems. The vacancies are limited and the minicourses always take place on the first day of the Congress, in parallel with the openings of secretarial and registration activities. In this edition the short courses will be offered on April 17, 2018. (in Portuguese only)

How to register

To register or to submit a paper, a platform that is only available in the PORTUGUESE language must be accessed through the following link:


To start a registration click the “Cadastro” (Register) option in the menu on the right.
If you already have a registration, click on “Iniciar Sessão”  (Login) and continue to provide your  email and password. If you have forgotten your password, click “Esqueci minha senha” (I forgot my password) and proceed as instructed (in portuguese) on the screen.
After you sign in, you can register by clicking on “Pedido de Inscrição” (Request for Registration).


How to join ABENS

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Application Fees

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