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Egypt ex-president Mohamed Morsi dies

Via: Al Jazeera

On this Monday (17), the former President Mohamed Morsi passed away, after had a collapse on Court. At the age of 67 years old, Morsi had a long history of health issues, suffering from diabetes, liver and kidney diseases. The former President, leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, was the first President democratically elected in the country in 2012, one year after the Arab Spring that deposed the 30 years rule of Hosni Mubarak.
Mohamed Morsi was facing at least 6 trials and was serving a 20 years prison sentence for the killing of protesters in 2012. The sudden death of the former President raised questions and complainings by the Brotherhood and a portion of the International Community, that urge for a fair investigation. The burial occurred on this Tuesday (18), in eastern Cairo, for family and close friends.

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African Union suspends Sudan over military crackdown

Via: Al Jazeera

The African Union announced on Thursday, June 6, the suspension of Sudan from the organization, alleging violation of the country constitutional law. According to the African Union, Sudan is suspended until the formation of a civilian led government. The announcement came after a military crackdown againts protesters in the capital Khartoum, which killed dozen of people. The protesters were asking for the formation of a civilian led government by the Transitional Military Council, that came into power after a coup againts Omar-al-Bashir. .

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