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Angola: President Joao Lourenco Welcomes Appointment of New Opposition Leader

Via: The African Exponent

President Joao Lourenco has personally welcomed the newly elected opposition chief to the country’s political space. The actions by the President have been commended by critics and political commentators who claim such measures are good for democracy, not only in Angola but Africa in general. Angolan President, Joao Lourenco welcomed the new opposition leader with a message posted on his Twitter handle. His message read: “I congratulate Adalberto da Costa Junior on his election as President of the largest opposition party. May this election represent the strengthening of opposition in the interests of democracy.”.

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Russia, Angola sign cooperation deals in Moscow

Via: Africanews

Vladimir Putin and Joao Lourenco signed six documents regarding the cooperation in diamond mining, gas and oil production, space and agriculture after a three-day visit by the Angolan president.Prior to the meeting, Lourenco said Angola is one of the principal buyers of Russian arms and his country wants to “not only buy but also produce them”. Russia delivered six SU-30K fighter jets to Angola this year and two more are expected by the end of May, Angola’s Defense Minister Salviano de Jesus Sequeira told reporters.

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