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UN Libya mission ‘concerned’ over threats to block oil exports

Via: Aljazeera

The United Nations mission in Libya has express deep concern over efforts to disrupt oil production in the war-torn country and urged all sides to exercise restraint.”This move would have devastating consequences first and foremost for the Libyan people who depend on the free flow of oil for their well-being,” the mission said in a statement on Saturday, the eve of a highly-anticipated summit in Germany aimed at relaunching peace efforts.

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French anti-Jihadist force opens new base in Mali

Via The Atlantic

The anti-jihadist French force, Barkhane, is building a new base in Gossi, a small city in Mali and that previously held a UN base. This new strategic base has the goal to allow to french intelligence a support place against the terrorist groups of the region. The Barkhane Force has been present in Mali since July 2014, and has increased its troops from 3,000 mens in 2014 to 4,500 mens in 2018. About 15 of these military mens have been killed since operations started.

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Eritrea-Djibouti tensions: A.U. peace and security chief heads to Asmara

Via Africa News

The African Union (A.U.) will send its peace and security commissioner to Eritrea in the wake of the country’s border tension with neighbouring Djibouti. According to the Reuters correspondent covering Ethiopia and the A.U., Moussa Faki Mahamat said Ambassador Smail Chergui will go to Asmara to meet authorities over the tensions. Djibouti on Monday through its foreign affairs minister asked the continent’s political bloc to deploy observers along its disputed border with Eritrea after Qatar withdrew its peace-keeping troops two weeks ago.

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